4 Ways to Create a Spacious Tiny Home

Tiny homes might be small on square footage, but they can be big on space with the right layout. Let’s look at some ways you can maximize your tiny home so you can live comfortably.

1. Think Vertically

Think beyond the typical space you occupy by taking advantage of vertical space. Taller ceilings are possible with tiny home floor plans, as well as a second level. You could opt for a partial second level with the rest of that space open to the first floor to create more depth and dimension.

2. Use Light Colors

Light colors help to expand boundaries and make spaces feel bigger than they really are. Aim for a monochrome color scheme to allow the eye to flow effortlessly throughout the space.

3. Rely on Natural Light

Natural lighting is your best friend in tiny home living. Not only does it help reduce your energy costs, but it also allows the eye to wander outside. This helps your space feel bigger and less confined, especially if you have lots of windows.

4. Spread Out to the Outdoors

Including a dedicated outdoor living space in your tiny home gives you a natural way to expand your square footage. Sure, it’s outside, but covered decks and even rooftop gardens can be enjoyed year-round. Add furniture or give these spaces specific functions so you can expand your daily living beyond the roof.

Design Your Luxury Tiny Home with Utopian Villas

Utopian Villas gives you the best of both worlds when creating your tiny home. Start with a spacious tiny home floor plan, then customize it to your needs and preferences. Every home is designed to maximize your lifestyle while minimizing your costs and carbon footprint, so you can enjoy luxury without sacrifice. Contact us to learn more!