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Build Your Tiny Home Sanctuary in West Virginia

Have you been thinking about building a tiny house? With all its beauty, West Virginia is a wonderful place to park the tiny house of your dreams. While state laws currently make it difficult to build a permanent tiny house, there are few places as dreamy as West Virginia to spend time in your new RV Travel Trailer model.

How Big Is a Tiny House?

RV Travel Trailer models range in size between 100-300 square feet. Make no mistake – you can pack a ton of wonderful amenities into these small spaces. With tall ceilings, lots of natural light, high-end fixtures, and smart storage solutions, your tiny home will feel much bigger than it is.

How Much Does a Tiny House Cost?

Our RV Travel Trailer models start at around $55,000. And these are not your uncle’s RV – the expert builders at Utopian Villas use only the highest-quality materials and luxurious finishes within a sophisticated design.

More Than an RV, A Home

How do you intend to use your new tiny house? Since the pandemic, many people have added a tiny house to their existing property as an additional guest space or mother-in-law suite. 

Others have invested in a tiny house as a source of rental income through Airbnb and other rental agencies. Perhaps you’re simply looking for a place to escape the chaos and noise of your current home, and a tiny home at the back of your property is the ideal setup. 

However you choose to use your tiny house, know that you can customize it to your heart’s content. At Utopian Villas, we work with each client individually to create the tiny house that suits their needs and lifestyle. 

Where Can I Park My Tiny House in West Virginia?

Since tiny house regulations vary significantly from town to town, we recommend checking in with your local jurisdiction to get an idea about permits, building codes, and zoning regulations. Consider looking into one of these towns to build and park your tiny house:

  • Clarksburg
  • Charles Town
  • Petersburg
  • Weston
  • Bridgeport
  • Morgantown

Why has the Tiny House Movement Caught On So Fast?

Tiny homes are popular for many reasons. With traditional home ownership out of reach for many Americans, tiny houses offer an affordable option for people who are just getting started. They also provide a way to keep a comfortable life and “bring home with you” wherever you choose to go. Live life unencumbered with a tiny home from Utopian Villas.

I’m Ready to Go Tiny – What Do I Do Next?

Contact the experts at Utopian Villas. The experienced staff will walk you through every step of the process and help you build the tiny home of your dreams!