Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania

If you want to further simplify your lifestyle, it may be time to consider moving into a tiny home. Averaging between 200 and 600 square feet in size, the tiny home movement is increasing in popularity throughout Pennsylvania.

What Makes Tiny Houses and Park Model Homes Popular in Pennsylvania

Tiny houses are becoming more popular among young professionals and older adults. Offering flexibility in size and style, tiny homes are rising throughout the Pennsylvania landscape. From small permanent dwellings to park models and even transportable models on wheels, tiny home dwellers can enjoy life more, with lower costs and less responsibilities than those of larger homes.

Benefits of Park Models and Tiny Homes

There are many benefits to the tiny home lifestyle, according to the movement's advocates. Some of the more popular benefits include:

  • Environmental friendliness, with earth-friendly materials that leave less of an environmental footprint than traditional homes.
  • Less energy because of their smaller size, with solar panels installed on many.
  • Simple cleanup because of their size, requiring less than an hour to clean in most cases.
  • Minimal maintenance, with only a few hundred square feet to maintain.
  • Some municipalities don't charge real estate taxes for "temporary" homes because they are considered either an RV or mobile home, both of which are tax exempt.

Tiny Home Options in Pennsylvania

With so many tiny homes available for sale in Pennsylvania, it's becoming more common for municipalities to institute special zoning rules for them. Depending on how the house is registered, the building and zoning codes can vary from town to town.

Considering each community is different with varying requirements, you should ask important questions such as:

  • Are there minimum size requirements for homes placed on foundations?
  • Does the municipality permit tiny homes to be placed in backyards when a home already exists?
  • Is camping allowed on private property? If so, how long can the tiny house stay there?
  • What special building codes must homeowners adhere to?
  • What are the basic setbacks for tiny houses in Pennsylvania?
  • What are the registration rules for my tiny home?

Get Tiny Homes in Many Cities Throughout Pennsylvania

You can find tiny homes in many cities all across Pennsylvania, including:

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Harrisburg
  • Lancaster
  • Allentown
  • Scranton

Finding a Tiny Home in Pennsylvania

The demand for tiny homes is growing in Pennsylvania, leaving many people on the lookout for qualified tiny home builders who can offer high-end structures that come with plenty of amenities and quality craftsmanship. Just because a tiny home is small doesn't mean it can't be stylish. Utopian Villas is a leading high-end tiny home builder in the U.S., offering custom dwellings with high-style and comfort living.

Costs of Tiny Houses in Pennsylvania

One important thing to consider when purchasing a tiny home in Pennsylvania is the overall price. Ranging between $30,000-$60,000 (not including land or any other fees), tiny home models offer a wide range of prices with varying floor plans.


Is Tiny House Living Right for You?

Living in a tiny home is a unique experience. Most people desire a simpler life, scaling down to fit within a 300 to 400 square-foot home to accomplish that goal. Once you decide to make the switch, check out the tiny home models at Utopian Villas to move forward in designing and constructing the perfect tiny house.