Montana Tiny Houses: Custom Designs

It may have started as a fad, but the tiny house movement has become a mainstay in Montana home building. With more and more people opting to go small, tiny homes are one of the fastest growing trends in home construction.

Why Montana Residents are Considering Tiny Homes & Park Model Homes

There is a lot to like about a tiny home. First, they cost less than a traditional home. If you live in a high-rent district, the ability to have something of your very own for a fraction of the cost is very appealing. Plus, the ability to upgrade these tiny dwellings gives buyers the opportunity to have all of the amenities they can dream of.

But, cost isn’t the only thing driving this house trend. Our culture is one on the go and tiny houses are made to be moved. Whether you want to relocate to the city, the suburbs, or someone in between, tiny houses can be squeezed onto the smallest lot. This unique style of flexibility allows, tiny house dwellers to enjoy an unencumbered lifestyle without giving up the benefits of home ownership.

Benefits of Tiny House Living in Montana

The benefits of tiny house living are real. Here is just a few that small structure homeowners have come to enjoy:

  • The Environmental Factor: often powered by wind or solar, tiny houses utilize some of the most environmentally friendly resources available to homeowners.
  • Energy Efficiency: when a home measures just 400-600 square feet, it doesn’t use much energy. This helps Montana residents keep energy costs down.
  • Low Maintenance: who wouldn’t love cleaning their entire house in less than an hour? Or being free of major house maintenance? The fact is, these small dwellings take a fraction of the work to clean and maintain as their traditional counterparts.
  • High Class Living: if there is one surprise in the tiny house community, it is how luxurious these small homes really are. Built with quality and style in mind, high end park model houses in Montana often feature sophisticated layouts; luxurious rooms; modern appliances and more.

Tiny House Rules in Montana

As the tiny house movement gains momentum in Montana, community leaders are working hard to find ways to make their building and occupancy rules more inviting to this segment of the population.

Without risking residential safety, municipal codes are being restructured to fit the limitations of the tiny house. While some communities are easing their square footage requirements, others are creating new building codes specifically aimed at the tiny house builder.

With such a wide variety of code and zoning requirements in Montana for the tiny house builder to follow, it can be difficult for homeowners to know how to proceed. That is why it is so important to meet with zoning officials to determine what rules and regulations are in place at the location you’re considering. When checking local codes, be sure to ask these important questions:

  • What are the minimum size requirements for houses placed on foundations?
  • Can a tiny home be placed in a backyard?
  • What must be done to make my tiny home a permanent structure?
  • Must my tiny home be hooked up to public utilities?
  • Do I need a roof load inspection?
  • What are the standard setbacks for tiny houses in Montana?
  • Can I set my tiny home in a mobile home or RV park?
  • Do I need to register my tiny house in Montana?
  • Is my tiny house subject to property taxes?
  • What kinds of insurances are required for my Montana home?

Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Montana such as:

  • Missoula
  • Billings
  • Bozeman
  • Helena
  • Great Falls
  • Kalispell


Tiny Home Builders in Montana Offer Comfort and Luxury

When considering a tiny house, you may be surprised at how many options you have. From luxury layouts; sophisticated designs; high end amenities and quality craftsmanship, today’s tiny home sports all of the conveniences and comfort of any house.

When looking for a high end home builder, check out what Utopian Villas has to offer. A leader in Montana home construction, this tiny house builder specializes in custom dwellings that match each individual homeowner’s lifestyle and personal home needs.