Tiny Homes in Michigan

Are you intrigued by the tiny house movement? Have you looked at tiny houses for sale in Michigan, only to be left wondering if it’s something you would enjoy? Tiny houses are not just for people who want a simpler way of life. They can make a great vacation getaway or place to escape.

Why the Tiny Home Movement is Growing

Tiny homes are growing in popularity for several reasons. One is because they offer a way to enjoy life. Whether you move into these small dwellings fulltime or use one to get away from it all on the weekends, tiny homes offer a sleek sophisticated style that is tailor made to your taste and needs.

Whether you opt for a permanently affixed home, or one on wheels that can be transported whenever you crave a new setting, tiny house dwellers  are enjoying life unencumbered.

Tiny House Rules in Michigan

As tiny home builds in Michigan are on the rise, more and more rules and regulations are being instituted to accommodate the trend. This means that you have to be diligent to learn about your community’s code and zoning requirements for these homes. While an urban area may not allow homes less than a certain square footage, or which remains on a chassis within city limits, more rural areas may have no problem with you setting up your new home.   When looking for a location to settle down, consider these important factors:

  • Will your home be permanently affixed on a foundation or remain on wheels?
  • Will you be placing your home on its own lot or behind another home or building?
  • Are there size requirements in your area?
  • What type of water and sewage hookups will your house have?
  • Will you be living in your tiny house fulltime, or will it be used as a vacation destination?

These are all things that will impact where you can set up your new home.

Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Michigan such as:

  • Grand Rapids
  • Ann Arbor
  • Lansing
  • Kalamazoo
  • Traverse City
  • Dearborn

Tiny Home in Michigan Offer Modern Conveniences

Moving form an average sized home of 2,000-plus square feet to less than 500 square feet can be intimidating.  Too many people mistakenly believe that moving into a tiny house means giving up the luxuries of modern life.  This is simply not true. In fact, many tiny house dwellers report having more luxuries than they did in a standard home.

High end builders like Utopian Villas work hard to outfit each tiny home they sell with the high quality amenities modern homeowners expect.  Designed with quality, style and comfort in mind, a Utopian Villas home cannot be matched when it comes to its sophisticated look and feel.  From marble countertops to high end millwork, our homes rival the most impressive traditional home on the market.


A leader in Michigan tiny home builds, Utopian Villas specializes in custom dwellings that are built to satisfy the high end buyer by offering the luxury of a big house in a fraction of the square footage.

Is Michigan Tiny House Living for You?

If you are contemplating building a tiny home in Michigan, be sure to call Utopian Villas to see what a high class tiny house looks like.