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The Tiny Home Craze in Our Nation’s Smallest State : Rhode Island

Building a tiny home in the small state of Rhode Island might be the best idea ever. If you’ve ever thought about building a tiny home, now is a great time to do it. Retirees, millennials, digital nomads, and even young families are finding simplicity and joy in downsizing their homes from an average of 2,300 square feet to 1/10th of that size.

Luxury Tiny Home Models and Designs

Tiny home dwellers don’t need to sacrifice much of anything in the way of comfort or modern amenities. With carefully thought-out designs and floor plans, clients get all the modern conveniences of a new home with the benefits of going tiny.

What’s So Great About Living in a Tiny House?

True, tiny house living isn’t right for everyone, but the benefits for those who do are endless: 

  • Customize your living space to suit your needs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Save money by spending less to build, maintain, and insure your tiny house
  • Choose high-end finishes, fixtures and appliances without breaking the bank
  • Take your home with you (park models) if you wish to travel
  • Clean your entire house in less than an hour

Check out the tiny house models to help spark your imagination.

Keep Family Members Close Yet Independent

One of the most important needs a tiny home can meet in Rhode Island is as an ADU on an existing property. While the zoning ordinances and building codes vary widely from city to city, the state recently passed a law that allows homeowners to build a tiny house ADU for a senior relative aged 62 or older. 

Now, aging family members can remain living independently but nearby in case of an emergency.

Where to Put Your New Tiny House in Rhode Island

Before you choose a landing spot for your tiny home, we recommend checking with the local building and zoning authorities for where you can and can’t build. Check out these cities and towns: 

  • Providence
  • South Kingstown
  • Westerly
  • Cumberland
  • Newport

Is Tiny House Living for You?

If you’re thinking about building a tiny home in Rhode Island, contact Utopian Villas and learn more about working with our expert builders and designers.