Florida Tiny Homes

It’s time to simplify your life.  When you want to downsize, and experience a whole new way of life, it may be time to consider moving into a tiny house.  Averaging in size between 200 and 600 square feet, the tiny house movement is bursting throughout Florida.

What Makes Tiny Homes & Park Models Popular in Florida

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular amongst young professionals and older adults. Offering flexibility is size and style, tiny houses are sprouting up throughout the Florida landscape.   From small permanent dwellings to park models and even transportable models on wheels, tiny house dwellers are free to enjoy life more, with fewer expenses and less responsibilities that larger homes require.

Benefits of Park Models and Tiny Houses

There a lot of benefits to the tiny house lifestyle, according to the movement’s advocates. Among the most popular include:

  • Environmentally friendliness:  constructed with more earth friendly materials these small houses leave less of an environmental footprint for those who want to limit their personal impact on the environment.
  • They use less energy:  the smaller the home, the less energy it is going to use. In addition, many tiny house models in Florida utilize solar panels to keep energy costs down.
  • They are easier to clean: small houses take very little time to clean.
  • They require little maintenance:  limited in tiny houses. with only a few hundred square feet to take care of maintenance
  • Some municipalities do not charge real estate taxes for these “temporary” homes: since most tiny house in Florida are considered either an RV or a mobile home, they are exempt from most real estate taxes.

Tiny House Options in Florida

With so many tiny homes for sale in Florida these days, it is becoming more common for municipalities to institute special zoning rules for them.   Depending on how the house is registered (either as a permanent dwelling; RV; or mobile home), the building and zoning codes can vary from town to town.

Every community is different and so are their zoning requirements for tiny house builders in Florida.  When looking into the rules in the area that you are interested in setting up your tiny home, be sure to ask these important questions:

  • Are there minimum size requirements for houses placed on foundations?
  • Does the municipality permit tiny homes to be placed in backyards when a home already exists?
  • Is camping allowed on private property? If so, how long can the tiny home stay there?
  • What special building codes must be adhered to?
  • What are the standard setbacks for tiny houses in  Florida?
  • Can I set my tiny home in a mobile home or RV park?
  • What are the registration rules for my tiny house?

Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Florida such as:

  • Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Jacksonville
  • Tallahassee

Finding a Tiny House in Florida

The demands for tiny houses is growing throughout Florida, leaving many people on the lookout for qualified builders who can offer high-end structures that are equipped with loads of amenities and quality craftsmanship. Just because a dwelling is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Utopian Villas is a leading high end tiny house builder in the nation. Offering customized dwellings that feature high style and comfort living, Utopian homes bring the luxury of a big house to a much smaller dwelling.  Handcrafted and designed to match each homeowner’s taste and style, a Utopian Villa made home gives you exactly what you are looking for in a tiny house.

Costs of Tiny Homes in Florida

Ranging in price from the low $30,000-$60,000 (not including land or any other fees), they can start at $8,000 and go up to $200,000, tiny home models offer a wide range of prices along with multiple floor plans to choose from.

Tiny Home Shipping in Florida

One important thing to consider when buying a tiny house in Florida is the cost of transporting it to your building site. No matter where you live, Utopian Villas will ship your house to its destination for a fee of $5 to $14 per mile (not including special transport permits that may be necessary in some areas).


Is Tiny House Living for You?

Living in a tiny house is intriguing. Most people yearn for a simpler life, and scaling down to fit your entire life into a 300 or 400 square foot house is a great way to accomplish that goal. Still, tiny house living is a lifestyle. Once you decide to make the switch, check out Utopian Villas to discover how to move forward in designing and building the perfect tiny house for you and your family.