What will it cost to ship my UV?
Standard shipping on all UV travel trailers is about $2-$4 per mile and all park models $8-$10
How far will you ship my UV?
Our villas can be shipped all over the USA so be assured we can most definitely be your solution for a custom tiny home no matter where you live! We also offer some kickbacks to customers who are looking to get into the building process and want to come and visit our factory prior to buying their dream villa!
Does UV offer financing?
Yes, financing options are available. Each customer is different so it is in your best interest to know exactly what the cost of your villa is going to be to figure out which lender will best fit your needs. This includes factors such as total amount getting financed, park model or travel trailer, credit score, debt to income ratio, available funds for down payment, etc. We would be more than happy to speak with you and educate you on the anticipated costs associated with your desired villa and starting the financing process
How long will it take to receive my UV?
Because of our exceptional production process you have the ability to receive your UV fully finished and delivered in as little as 45-60 days!
How Green is UV?
We proudly build all of our UV’s with the environment in mind and are always finding new ways to become the leader of our industry in building “Green”. Even all of our literature is available for download on our website, simply visit our models page for further information on base pricing, specifications, floorplans and pictures!
Can my UV come fully furnished?
Yes, we let you decide every last detail inside and out. Because of this customization, you can choose whichever furnishings you desire!
Will My UV come with a warranty?
Yes, all UV’s come with a 10yr structure warranty. All appliances and fixtures will be per manufacturer warranty.
How long will my UV last?
We use the highest of quality material in all of our UV’s. You can compare the life of your Utopian Villa to the same as a new construction home. Simply download our Park Model and Travel Trailer specification sheet to see what we’re made of!
Where can I put my Park Model?
Park Models are typically found in campgrounds and resorts. Placing them onto a private piece of land can be a great solution as well! Just look into your local municipality’s guidelines for RV’s! If you are looking for land, I’d recommend searching for nearby tiny home communities or getting in touch with a local realtor. The biggest our models are is 400 square feet, with specifications and floorplans on their prospective model page. This should help tremendously when searching for your own piece of land.
Will I have any work to finish on my Utopian Villa after it is delivered?
Your Utopian Villa will be 100% turnkey once it is delivered! After your Villa has arrived to its desired location it gets set, leveled, skirted, and completely ready for you to enjoy in only a few short hours!
Can I live in my Utopian Villa during the winter?
Yes, Utopian Villas areactually the only true “four seaons” Park Models on the market. With our patented floor system we have the ability to be completely four season so whether it is a hundred degrees or -30 degrees you will always be comfortable inside of your Villa!
Can I customize my Utopian Villa?
Yes, Utopian Villas is your solution to create a true custom Park Model or Tiny House. We let you decide every last detail inside and out. Whether it be redesigning the floor plan, adding off the grid options, or adding custom amenities, the sky is truly the limit!
Can I build my Utopian Villa bigger than 400 square feet?
Yes, we would love to! Once you build above 400 square feet you are now leaving the RV classification and building as a “New Construction Home or Cabin”. That is where our founding company Vertical Works Inc. can be your solution! Simply let us know where you live! 
How does the building process work?
 The first step in our building process starts with a plan deposit. Normally, a design session with your sales person and our designer is scheduled 1-2 weeks after the deposit has been received. Once the customer has determined every last element of their dream villa, it is now time to get into detailed pricing and a contractual agreement. Upon the signing of contract, a down payment is needed to begin the building phase. Contingent on our current back log, a project can typically be started 4-6 weeks thereafter a down payment is collected and after materials have been received. Once all the components of your Utopian Villa are built and completed, it is ready to ship. Once it’s shipped, our crew will make sure the remainder is taken care of on our setting day! This is the day you’ve been waiting for, your home is now complete!
Can my UV be built on a foundation or without wheels?
 Utopian Villas is actually one of the only tiny home builders who can actually place our units on both wheels or a foundation. With our patented floor system we not only have the ability to be completely four seasons but also to set your villa on a full basement, crawlspace, piers etc. You will have to call and check with your local municipality in regards to their square foot minimum requirement for new construction homes. Every county has different rules in place for what is the smallest size home you can build so keep that in mind as you search for land.
Do you build custom tiny homes?
Yes, we would be happy to help you build your dream home! Simply provide us with any information you may have on your own ideas, floorplans, budgets, square footage, etc. and we would be glad to give you some of the anticipated costs for your desired villa!