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Join the Tiny House Movement in South Carolina

Are you curious about the idea of downsizing to a tiny house? Join the club because more and more South Carolinians have decided to trade in their larger homes for a simpler way of life.

One thing tiny house owners especially love is the natural flow to the outdoors. Living in a mild climate throughout much of the year, you can really enjoy the connection to nature right outside your door.

What Will My Tiny House Look Like?

There’s no particular look to a tiny home other than it is a bit smaller than a typical house. The median new home in the US is about 2,300 square feet while average tiny homes are between 250-400 square feet. 

The key to building a comfortable space is a great design. Luxury builders like Utopian Villas incorporate tall ceilings, lots of natural light, high-end fixtures and millwork, and even full-sized appliances that help make a tiny home feel much larger than it is. 

Going Tiny Isn’t for Everyone…But is it for You?

There are many benefits of living in a tiny house. Downsizing and decluttering can instantly make people feel better as they’re not so overwhelmed with stuff to take care of. Additionally, tiny homes are:

  • Affordable to build, maintain and insure
  • Sophisticated with custom designs and floor plans
  • Easy to clean, taking less than an hour
  • Eco-friendly with a small carbon footprint and low energy usage
  • Mobile (if desired) so you can feel at home wherever you go

Where Can I Put My Tiny Home in South Carolina?

Zoning laws and building codes vary widely, so the first thing we recommend is to research the rules and regulations in the area where you’d like to build your tiny home. Some towns have ordinances that require a certain size of home be built, or provide guidance on where an RV/Travel Trailer tiny home can park. 

As the popularity of tiny homes grows, local and state-wide conversations in support of tiny homes are also becoming more common. Consider asking local zoning officials about building a tiny home in the following areas:

  • Charleston
  • Columbia
  • Greenville
  • Clemson
  • Rock Hill
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Florence

How to Use Your South Carolina Tiny Home

Going tiny is a great option for many retirees, millennials, digital nomads, couples, and even young families who’d like to simplify their life. Building a tiny home might also be a great investment and could become a revenue generator. How do you plan to use your tiny home?

  • ADU for an older family member to live independently but nearby
  • Vacation rental through Airbnb or similar platform
  • Personal sanctuary and escape from the noise of daily life
  • Mother-in-law apartment or guest suite for visitors

Answering this question will help inform your design and guide your decisions about which amenities to include. 

Finding a Tiny Home Builder in South Carolina

Utopian Villas is a premier tiny home builder that works with clients in South Carolina to design the tiny house of their dreams. Contact us today to get started.