Living the Tiny House Lifestyle in Tennessee

Tiny houses do not have to mean tiny living. Those ready to jump into this new lifestyle may be surprised to learn how sophisticated, beautiful and manageable these smaller dwellings can be. Tiny house builders like Utopian Villas are at the forefront of design, creating luxurious homes that rival even the largest homes. Offering sophisticated designs; open floor plans; and innovative style, these high end homes give you the look and feel too want in a fraction of the space.

If you are intrigued by the tiny house lifestyle, it is time to learn the basics.

How Small Are Tiny Homes in Tennessee?

One of the benefits of looking for tiny houses for sale in Tennessee is the ability to choose what size you really want. While most tiny houses remain under 400 square feet, these smaller homes can run as large as 900 square feet. Keep in mind that some municipalities have size restrictions on new homes, so going a bit larger above the norm for the trend may make placement easier.

Design Is Key for Comfortable Tiny Home Living

If you are like most people, you are used to more space than you really need. This can make adjusting to a smaller living space a challenge for some folks. But, remember, today’s open design help make the space feel bigger than it is and many people find the transition easier than they thought it would be.

What is Tiny Home Living Like?

That all depends on what you mean by a lot. Sure, you are going to be forced to downsize your belongings to fit everything into a home that may be no bigger than your current garage, but when it comes to the look, feel and style of your new home you don’t have to give up anything. Tiny house living isn’t about giving up what you enjoy most, but enjoying what really matters to you.

Offering virtually any style of home you want, today’s tiny house builders in Tennessee can design a space that is unique to your family. This means you can have nay amenity you choose added to the layout, which guarantees that you will have all the comforts of home – no matter how cozy that home is.

Where Can I Put my Tiny House in Tennessee?

Tennessee is becoming more and tinier house friendly as the trend takes hold within the state. Some communities like Dandridge are even allowing tiny home dwellers to place their houses on their own land now; something that was restricted just a few years ago.

When it comes to placing tiny houses in Tennessee, zoning laws vary widely. Still, the most common places to put your new home include:

  • Your Own Land.
  • A Backyard
  • An RV Park
  • A Tiny House Community
  • Some City/Neighborhood Lots

Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Tennessee such as:

  • Nashville
  • Memphis
  • Gatlinburg
  • Knoxville
  • Chattanooga
  • Murfreesboro
  • Clarksville
  • Jackson

How Much Does a Tiny House in Tennessee Cost?

Tiny homes can be a lot less expensive than a traditional home; but if you add a lot of upgrades and specialty design the cost can skyrocket. In most cases, the price will range between $30,000-$60,000 (not including land or any other fees), but more stylish homes can run thousands more.


Finding a Tiny House Builder in Tennessee

Building a tiny house can be more difficult than building a traditional sized home. That is why it is important to use a contractor who understands the demands and limitations of these specialty houses so that your home will be built with your needs in mind. Utopian Villas specializes in building high-end tiny homes that are customized with comfort and style in mind. Offering suburb craftsmanship and quality construction, these sophisticated homes offer everything the modern homeowner is looking for. Call today to find out what Utopian Villas has to offer.