Tiny Homes for Sale in Minnesota

Are you ready for tiny house living? If you live in Minnesota the answer may be yes! One of the most popular states for tiny homes, Minnesota sports a thriving tiny home industry. But, people aren’t turning to this lifestyle only for its rustic feel and simplistic freedom. Today’s modern tiny home builds feature state of the art amenities including marble countertops; high-end appliances and sophisticated style.

The Sky’s the Limit in Tiny Homes

Just because a home is small does not mean it lacks the comfort and style of a bigger dwelling.  Tiny homes are often more “decked out” than their bigger counterparts.  Sometimes simply because the homeowner chooses what they want more carefully.  Plus, tiny home builders are known for customization. That means you get a home that perfectly matches your interest, style and lifestyle.

Minnesota Tiny Houses Make Great Vacation Homes

Tiny home living may be all the rage right now, but too many people still believe the fallacies that the trend is only for minimalists that don’t like a lot of “stuff.”  While this may be true for some, many tiny home builds in Minnesota are not meant for fulltime living, but rather, vacation getaways.

Offering everything your typical home already has (albeit one smaller scale), tiny homes can make a great vacation house. Whether you are looking for a customized dwelling to set on your own land, or park model homes near others, these small dwellings welcome all kind so people with all kinds of needs.

Will I Give Up a Lot in My Tiny Home?

Tiny homes are meant to provide exactly what you need. No more and no less.  With spacious floor plans and high end style, many of these homes are actually more sophisticated than their normal sized counterparts.

When a tiny home is designed right – and with your tastes and needs in mind – you will barely notice its decreased size. Utopian Villas specializes in creating customized homes that rival any traditional home. From the layout to the decorations, our homes are one-of-a kind masterpieces that you will love coming home to.

Where Can I Put my Tiny House Build in Minnesota?

While Minnesota is a tiny home friendly area, there are different rules and regulations regarding placement depending on the area you want to live.  Rural areas tend to be more lax in regards to tiny house zoning restrictions than more populated areas, but it is always wise to check with the municipality’s codes enforcement or zoning office before choosing a permanent location for your new home.

Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Minnesota such as:

  • Minneapolis
  • Saint Paul
  • Duluth
  • St. Cloud
  • Minnetonka
  • Eden Prairie
  • Mankato
  • Edina


Some important things to keep in mind when setting up a tiny home is:

  • Size restrictions for the area
  • Land requirements
  • Whether or not RV’s are allowed (if your home remains on a chassis)
  • Water and sewage hookup restrictions

Where Can I Go To Find a Builder for My Tiny House in Minnesota?

If you find tiny house living intriguing, check out what Utopian Villas has to offer. A leader in tiny home builds in Minnesota, our professional staff will walk you through every step of the design and building process, helping you to create the kind of high-end home you and your family can enjoy for years to come.