Utopian Villas Luxury Tiny Homes and Park Model Homes

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When you’re looking for a tiny home or park model home, one of the problems you may run into is finding a model that’s a good size, but with none of the amenities you’re looking for. Whether it’s not enough seating or sleeping options, no outdoor space, or low-end appliances, there’s a solution, and it’s Utopian Villas.

Our tiny homes and park model homes are designed with luxury in mind, which is why you’ll find high end appliances in them, along with great features like vaulted ceilings, plenty of storage space, a “spa”-like shower experience, Merrilat cabinets, Sea-Gull LED lighting, Kohler plumbing products, Pella windows and doors, Whirlpool appliances, large decks, and so much more.

Your new luxury tiny home will serve as the perfect retreat, your home away from home, and your favorite place to be. Available with customizable options and offered in several different sizes to meet yours’s and your family’s needs and expectations of a luxury park model home, Utopian Villas tiny homes are just what you’ve been searching for.

Learn more about any of our luxury tiny homes today, and contact us anytime for more information about any of the park model homes we offer. We’ll work with you to ensure you find the perfect option for your lifestyle and needs.

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Park Model/Tiny Homes : (400 sq.ft.)

The Denali

$138,428 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor, 127 sq.ft. loft
98/82 sq.ft. front/rear porch, 707 sq.ft. total

The Zion

$116,763 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor
92 sq.ft. of loft

The Valley Forge

$116,088 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor
no loft

The Biscayne

$162,192 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor, 210 sq.ft. loft
272 sq.ft. deck, 882 sq.ft. total

The Fort Sumter

$113,596 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor
no loft

The Mammoth

$167,576 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor, 217 sq.ft. loft
230 sq.ft. deck, 847 sq.ft. total


$102,795 starting price, $166,204 w/Bonus Room
400 sq.ft., 750 sq.ft. w/Bonus room

The Homestead

$114,267 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor, 191 sq.ft. loft
120 sq.ft. deck, 711 sq.ft. total

North Cascades

$102,941 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor
no loft

Cedar Breaks

$103,871 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor
no loft

The Magnolia

The Magnolia

$110,849 starting price
400 sq.ft. main floor
no loft

RV Travel Trailers/Tiny Homes : (100-300 sq. ft.)

The Stella

$103,054 starting price
290 sq.ft. main floor, 98 sq.ft. loft
50 sq.ft fold-out deck, 438 sq.ft. total

The Future

$94,338 starting price
275 sq.ft. main floor

Dragonfly 20ft

$75,511 starting price
179 sq.ft. main floor

The Funk

$84,634 starting price
254 sq.ft. main floor

Dragonfly 24ft

$84,239 starting price
188 sq.ft. main floor

Dragonfly 28ft

$92,201 starting price
248 sq.ft. main floor

The Firefly

$78,989 starting price
24′ – 213 sq. ft. / 28′ – 248 sq. ft. main floor

The Schooner

$91,572 starting price
200 sq.ft. main floor

The Centipede

$53,418 starting price
100 sq.ft. main floor

Retail / Commercial Tiny Homes

The Motor

$56,692 starting price

The Club

$61,419 starting price
Single and Double Bay Models