Creative Space-Saving Ideas for Your Tiny Home

Tiny homes may offer a fraction of the living space of a traditional home, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a completely minimalistic life. If you’re thinking about how to squeeze all of your living needs in a smaller footprint, consider these creative space-saving ideas.

1. Add Storage Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is often wasted in regular homes. But that doesn’t have to be the
case with your tiny home. Every square inch matters so consider turning your stairs into a series
of pull-out drawers. Use them to store linens, towels, books, dishes, clothes, or anything else
that has a habit of accumulating.

2. Install Garden Windows

Garden windows provide a little extra space by extending a few inches outside the walls of the home. They’re designed for plants to receive more direct sunlight. However, you can use them for extra storage in your tiny home if you don’t mind people seeing your stuff. Use them for candles, framed photos, and of course plants.

3. Use Both Sides of Your Shelves

You can never have too many shelves, but using both sides of the shelves can help you reduce the actual number of shelves you need. Add a magnetic bar to the underside of a shelf, then add magnets to the tops of items to store under the shelf. We like this idea for jarred spices, foods, utensil baskets, or anything else you want to keep off your counters.

4. Opt for Modular Furniture

Furniture can take up a lot of space in a tiny home. That’s why we suggest limiting your furniture to just the bare necessities. Modular furniture makes it easy to get more without sacrifice. For example, modular chairs can be used separately to gather around a dining table or pushed together to create a large sofa.

Think Big with a Tiny Home

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