Most Popular Cities in Oregon for Tiny Home Living

As a growing number of people are looking for ways to lower the costs of living, they’re turning to tiny homes to meet their needs. These smaller houses can provide all of the necessities and comfort of traditional home living while remaining more cost-effective. Oregon is one of the best states for tiny home living, ranking only behind California.

Oregon is particularly accommodating in certain cities, with plans to expand the availability of tiny house living across the state following new legislature.However, it will likely be several years before you can settle in a tiny home anywhere in the state, which is why it’s important to recognize which cities are more open to tiny houses than others.

Here are the most popular cities for tiny houses in Oregon.


Consider Portland the state capital for tiny house living. If you want to live tiny and comfortable in Oregon, Portland makes it easy by allowing for and supporting the construction of accessory dwelling units. Here, you’ll find tiny house communities along with a tiny house hotel.

If you’re set on moving to Oregon to live in a tiny home, you’ll have the easiest time settling in Portland. The town is even trying to push for tiny home communities for the homeless, helping make this lifestyle more accessible for every individual within the city, including those who normally can’t afford a home of their own.


For another city with a tiny home community that’s accommodating of tiny house owners, visit Lakeview. While it’s relatively small at this time, the Lakeview TallTown Tiny Village is a growing community based in an old RV park in Lakeview.Lots are available at 30×60 ft for rent at $400 a month or for purchase at$12,500. Utilities cost extra, but the convenience of living in this community can keep the cost of living comfortably low. The community only intends to grow, making it great for people looking to settle in Oregon with their tiny home.


Eugene is another location that has seen a spike in popularity for tiny homes within the past few years. Along with the Opportunity Village, a tiny home community intended to provide better living for the homeless, this town is ideal for people who simply want to live cheaper with their own personal tiny house.
Emerald Village is another recently constructed community that is designed to provide comfortable tiny home living for low-income individuals and families. With these communities in place, more people are able to enjoy the simplicity and social aspects of tiny house living.


While it hasn’t completely assimilated the tiny house lifestyle yet, Brickmill Meadows is a proposed tiny house community that’s soon to come in Monroe.The space will occupy 28 acres of north Mill Street, with 200 lots for tiny houses.The community will also include typical suburban amenities, including ponds, walking paths, a swimming pool, gardens, and a common area for laundry and other facilities. The village will even include a brewpub.

This is likely just the start for tiny home living in Monroe.

Areas Struggling to Adapt to Tiny Home Living in Oregon

Oregon as a whole is likely to start expanding the availability of tiny house living, with legislation in place that aims to make it easier for tiny homeowners to settle across the state. However, certain towns aren’t as tolerating as others. The state’s capital, Salem, is the biggest problem that tiny house owners face.Salem is currently the least accepting when it comes to tiny houses, with a ban on these dwellings. What could influence a change is the fact that the city is experiencing a growing housing shortage, which Salem may be able to help solve with tiny house units.As state legislature moves forward proposing a statewide change in tiny home policies and standards, Salem is likely to assimilate the tiny home lifestyle to help improve its housing.

Where to Buy a Tiny Home in Oregon

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