Tiny Homes in Colorado

Whether you are looking for a simpler way to live or would like additional recreational space, tiny homes and park models offer homeowners the flexibility to downsize or enhance their recreational space. Thousands of residents in Colorado are experiencing the freedom and convenience of tiny home living.

Why Are Tiny Homes and Park Model Homes Popular in Colorado?

The tiny house craze is taking off in Colorado, creating a large demand for new house structures.  Still, many are left wondering why this style of living is becoming so popular.

One of the biggest draws to this unique lifestyle is the flexibility and savings it offers. Tiny house dwellers are enjoying life unencumbered – and this something we all crave. Park models offer the ability to relocate easily. They can also add additional space to vacation homes and additional properties.

Benefits of Tiny House Living

The benefits of tiny house living are abundant.  Most people are drawn into the lifestyle by the savings experienced, but soon realize other benefits that make tiny house living in Colorado more fun and enjoyable.

  • Tiny houses are cheaper.  From the initial sales price of $20,000-$100,000, tiny houses are much less expensive to build and maintain.
  • Tiny houses are environmentally friendly: using less power, and often utilizing solar and wind energy, tiny houses are better for the environment.
  • Tiny houses are more flexible: able to move to a moment’s notice, tiny houses offer a kind of flexibility that standard homes cannot.
  • Tiny houses are easier to clean:  who wouldn’t love to clean their entire house in less than an hour? Many tiny houses take even less time

Rules and Regulations for Tiny House in Colorado

Every community is different and every county has its own requirements when it comes to tiny houses.  Since many tiny houses do not meet standard zoning and code enforcement regulations, they are not considered a permanent structure. This means that they cannot be lived in.  While many municipalities’ are becoming more tiny house friendly, others still forbid these small structures to be placed on town lots or even private acreage without in-depth inspections and code enforcement.  Be sure to check with your local zoning office before building your small home.

Can Tiny Homes Be Luxurious or Do I Have to Give Up Style?

One of the biggest concerns of those considering tiny house living is that they will have to give up the luxuries they have become accustomed to in a traditional home.  Remember, just because a house is small does not mean that it is not trendy, stylish and full of high-end amenities.

Upgrades are the norm for high-end builders like Utopian Villas, a leading tiny house builder. Specializing in custom dwellings that are built to match every homeowner’s individual tastes and housing needs, these mini-dwellings feature the best in flooring, countertops and other amenities.

Aiming to bring the joys of tiny house living to people who might not otherwise consider this unique way of living, Utopian Villas strives to bring upper class living to the tiny house market.

Let Utopian Villa’s Tiny Home Builders Help You DesignYour Colorado Tiny Home

If tiny house living is something you are considering, be sure to check out Utopian Villas to discover what this new housing trend is all about. Our professional staff will walk you through every step of the design and building process, helping you to create the kind of high-end home you can enjoy.

Living small does not mean you have to give up luxury and style.   Utopian Villas is a high-end luxury tiny house builder who specializes in bringing comfort and style to tiny house owners nationwide.

Contact us today to discuss your tiny home needs!