What’s a Park Model RV?


Denali Render - Our most popular park model homeUtopian Villas is your number one source for Park Model Recreational Vehicles! Our Villas are extremely different in design and created with the highest quality materials. Our goal is to keep the focus on you and we’ll do whatever is necessary for you to enjoy your Villa for years to come.

A Park Model Recreational Vehicle or PMRV covers an interesting spectrum of uses. While they are often used in campgrounds, resorts and RV parks, they are also excellent for placement on a piece of private property. A Utopian Villa offers the ultimate family getaway, providing you with a luxurious one-of-a-kind home away from home. Your own UV will truly be a place created for families and friends to make long lasting memories.

Park Models are:

  • Built on a single chassis – in other words, they always have wheels under them
  • Titled by your state as motor vehicles, just like a camper or other RV
  • A maximum of 400 square feet of living space
  • Often found as rentable units at campgrounds or resorts
  • Occupied by owners who lease space in campgrounds or RV parks
  • Excellent vacation getaways to escape either the northern cold or the southern heat

You’ll find our Villas are created with you in mind. We design them using space in innovative ways to maximize your comfort and the activities you enjoy. We love to discuss more about our unique park models! Give us a call or drop an email and we can answer all your questions. 414.762.0955 or info@utopian-villas.com